Sienna Miller is Tippi Hedren

Sienna Miller has been confirmed as the actress chosen to play Tippi Hedren in a film about her life.  Entitled The Girl, the film will tell the story of Alfred Hitchcock and his fascination, almost obsession, with Hedren.

The dramatic film claims that it was their dysfunctional relationship which led to the end of her career.

“Everyone knows Hitchcock was keen on his blondes,” Gwyneth Hughes, the writer of the film explained. “Unfortunately for Tippi, he developed a twisted and obsessive love for her that left her feeling isolated and terrified. He made repeated sexual advances towards her and tried to take over her life. Today we would call it sexual harassment but that concept had not been accepted back then.”

According to the Daily Mail, the film will be screened on BBC2 in 2012.

Tippi Hedren

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