Is it summer? Is it autumn?

Can anyone please tell me what on earth is going on with the weather recently?! It’s October…some days it rains, pours! Some days it’s sweltering, is it summer or is it autumn? I just need to know either way so that I can dress accordingly.

Not only does it make it hard to know what to wear every day, it makes it hard to know what to shop for and most importantly – what to browse for to feed my blog with delicious posts!

Fear not readers/friends/family/strangers/lovely people. No matter what the weather we all know the importance of accessories and so, here are my favourite picks of the latest arrivals on the high street.

Let me know what you think!

River Island

Gold tassel drop earrings, £13.00

River Island

Brown and gold bangles, £13.00

River Island

Gold flower and crystal earrings, £6.00

River Island


Metal bar leather cuff, £15.00


Charm bracelet, £12.00
Leather wrap bar bracelet, £8.00

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