Hamilton and Button photograph a high end fashion shoot!

The one good thing to come from my husband’s F1 obsession (apart from the fact that it means he isn’t obsessed with football!) is that at the end of the race a couple of weekends ago we got to watch Hamilton bossing Button around on a fashion shoot. Ok, you’re probably wondering what I’m going on about.

Let me start at the beginning…

It was all part of a bigger sponsorship deal the F1 drivers have with Vodafone VIP, clearly having massive stickers on their cars isn’t enough. The McLaren Mercedes drivers were tasked with styling, directing and shooting a high end fashion shoot and true to spirit Lewis took the role as photographer and Jenson was…his assistant!

Vodafone Formula 1 fashion shoot


Hamilton said: “So I chose to be the photographer. Jenson was happy with me being the photographer. He wanted to be the assistant because he probably thought he could be lazier but it turned out that he had to do everything. My role was having to direct where all the bits and pieces had to be, position the girls and get them to put on the expressions that I liked and then I had to get the shot done in a very short period of time. I did a pretty good job.”

Jenson summed up his morning “The most interesting part of the shoot was probably trying to choose the clothes… I don’t really know a lot about women’s clothes except when my girlfriend comes out and says ‘which dress shall I wear?’ I’m pretty good at picking then, but when there’s a choice of thirty different dresses, it’s very tricky.”

Whoever you’re backing, this video is hilarious – quite how Button knows so much about women’s clothes I don’t know!

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