Take it to the Maxi!

Maxi dresses have made something of a comeback in the past few years and this summer is no exception.

I remember starting secondary school and going to the uniform shop – which always smelt of plastic, the options were knee length grey pleated skirt or grey maxi skirt and I remember thinking the maxi skirt was the least cool thing I had ever seen. Oh how times have changed!

This summer the high street is bursting with options to fit all shapes and sizes, even the vertically challenged such as myself! Here are my favrouite finds, let me know what you think!

Reiss Sardinia Panelled Border Maxi Dress, £95

Reiss maxi

Dorothy Perkins Purple Bow Maxi Beach Dress, £20

Dorothy Perkins

Jigsaw Spanish Flame Maxi Dress, £198


Topshop Navy Stripe Racer Back Maxi Dress, £30


Mango Silk Wrap Look Maxi Dress, £229.90


4 Responses to “Take it to the Maxi!”
  1. Mona says:

    ooo, I love these dresses – particularly the top one. Being the poor student that I am, I’ve had to make my own maxi dress for this summer. I’ve posted instructions about how to do this (surprisingly easy) on my own blog – http://needlepullingthread.wordpress.com/2011/05/30/back-to-basics/. Take a look, and if you fancy adding ‘make it yourself’ options to your blog, along with all the high street possibilities, please do thinking about becoming a subscriber. all the best – thanks for sharing your passion for fashion. Mona. x

  2. ritzicortez says:

    LOVE a Maxi – that topshop one is dangerous though, a girl in my office has it and it looks fine because she’s 6ft and a size 8, but it looks like it wouldn’t be very forgiving on anything resembling lumps and bumps…

    The Jigsaw one makes me weep it’s so beautiful RCx

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