Tallulah Love….

I went to an event recently and was introduced to Michelle Taylor.  She was pointed out to me at Rumi Lounge in Chelsea where the event was held, and through the crowds I spotted the brunette laughing and chatting away. My first impression was – gorgeous (obviously!), strong, confident and full of energy.  Michelle is in fact a lingerie designer and founder of UK based luxury lingerie company Tallulah Love.

Later that evening Michelle went on to give a mini presentation telling us all how she launched her exciting collection in the luxury lingerie market.  With over 12 years experience in the industry Michelle has used her knowledge combined with her passion for design to create Tallulah Love Luxury Lingerie and what a collection she has.

Speaking to Michelle at the fashion for charity event she said: “Having worked in the industry for 12 years gaining my training working for Marks and Spencer’s supplier Claremont I then went on to design for a UK fashion house who supplies to Topshop, Miss Selfridge and many others. I realised I wanted to work in the Branded sector and was given the position of White Label Lingerie designer for Playboy Intimates. I worked with the team to create a 1950’s style vintage line for Playboy and quickly progressed to Design Manager. I believe that this wealth of experience has given me a fabulous insight into what women and buyers want from lingerie. My burning desire to create my own line came around 5 years ago.”

Here are some of my favourites but take a look at the website to discover yours. You’ll find everything from preppy logos to vintage inspired corsets and girly, lacy undies – http://www.tallulahlove.com

Tallulah Love

Tallulah Love

Tallulah Love

Tallulah Love

2 Responses to “Tallulah Love….”
  1. Miranda says:

    That first one is sexy and elegant all at the same time to the point I can’t imagine any woman not wanting it.

  2. Sarah Betty says:

    I love Tallulah Love. Her lingerie is so beautiful and inspiring that it makes you want to be in it all day, with no clothes 🙂

    Lovely post!

    Sarah Betty xx

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