Tabitha…..I love you….

We’re in the middle of a house move and will soon be ‘re-locating’ as people keep calling it. Still within London though so I’m of the opinion that our friends and family might be being ever so slightly dramatic!

Once we’re settled in the new flat our next goal is to get a cat. Obviously we’re now hugely excited and can’t stop spending our evenings surfing the cat shelter websites. Most recently the RSPCA has been our favourite and we’ve found a cat, Tabitha, who we’ve fallen in love with! This is probably not the best idea as we haven’t had an interview or home visit or animal bonding session, all of which you need to pass in order to have your ‘cat adoption’ approved.

So yes, we are highly likely to have our hearts broken, but in the meantime we will still keep looking at this gorgeous picture of lovely lovely Tabitha…

Tabitha RSPCA

2 Responses to “Tabitha…..I love you….”
  1. Sara says:

    Good Luck with the ‘relocation’. From someone who is most indifferent to the feline species… a very pretty cat indeed. I hope she is able to provide you a good home. x

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