Pancake Day!!


It’s Pancake Day! The best day of the year…after Christmas….and New Year’s Eve…and my birthday…ok, Pancake Day is one of my favourite days of the year!

It turns out we’ll be having pancakes about four times this year, once at a friends’ house, once at The Old Dutch in Holborn and then a couple of dodgy places in Waterloo – but they’re generous with toppings so that makes it ok.

If lemon and sugar is your topping of choice, check out some of these weird toppings which (according to the very reliable source – the internet) are the most popular pancake toppings in the UK:

– butter and gummy bears

– bacon and peanuts

– chilli powder and asparagus

– sausage and gravy

I think I’ll be sticking to maple syrup! Let me know what your plans are for Pancake Day.

2 Responses to “Pancake Day!!”
  1. abbyrex2323 says:

    Yikes you will never catch me putting chili powder on my pancakes. Interesting to see those toppings! I made pancakes this weekend with glutenfree flour, pumpkin, blueberries, and dark chocolate chips. Yummy.

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