Fall in LLove – yes, LLove!

Suzanne Oxenaar, artistic director of the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam, has curated an exhibition ‘LLove’ in Tokyo unlike any other I have seen.

Echoing Oxenaar’s background in hospitality, the exhibition feautres 14 guest rooms, a boutique and a cafe.  Each of the rooms have been refurbished by eight designers from Japan and Holland, including Pieke Bergmans who brings an air of playfulness to what should just be a bedroom.

The Lloyd Hotel, tucked away in a corner of the trendy Eastern Docklands, is a funky, arty design pad and its artistic director has carried this quirky theme through to the exhibition.

Each room is completely individual reflecting the designers’ personal interpretation of the theme – Love.  The results therefore range from an ultra-luxurious bedroom, perfect for pampering, to the more bizarre (by Pieke Bergmans) – a simple, understated room where the mattress has grown and appears to be scaling the bedroom wall.  Even the lights are intertwined in a room where even the furniture has fallen in LLove!

If you just can’t bear to leave the exhibition the rooms are actually available to book until 23 November. Or if that’s just too surreal for you, the exhibition is open to the public from 12 – 3pm every day.


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