It’s getting cold out there. Here are my top five coats to beat the chill.

For the first time, possibly in my entire life, I am not dreading the start of winter…in fact I’m actually quite looking forward to it. I’ve worked it out – having moved here from a desert land I was nowhere near equipped for my first winter. My feet got wet, my cheap last minute purchase of a coat was no more protective than a piece of paper and gloves? Noone told me I’d need gloves!

This all might be perfectly obvious to everyone who grew up in Europe however, in short, I needed a ‘Winter Manual’. Over the past few years I’ve learnt, little by little, and the prospect of winter is now quite exciting. I’ve recently purchased some new boots, meaning my feet will at all times be warm and dry (perhaps too warm on the underground), all that remains is the issue of a coat. I bought myself a nice pale grey coat, complete with its own snood, but one coat is never enough is it?!

Here are a few of my favourites:

1. On trend fur collar from New Look, £44.99

Black fur collar coat

2. Topshop’s teal wool blend swing coat, £85.00

Topshop wool contrast coat

3. Black printed sleeve cocoon coat from River Island, £89.99

Printed sleeve cocoon coat

4. Double breasted dark grey marl from H&M, £49.99

Grey marl H&M

5. Full length pleated coat from All Saints, £295.00

AllSaints Nia Coat

3 Responses to “It’s getting cold out there. Here are my top five coats to beat the chill.”
  1. Sarah Betty says:


    Loving the blog so far 🙂

    You’re very right, it’s important to be choosing a coat now and out of the selection you’ve chose, I love the Topshop one. It’s so cute!


  2. J says:

    loving the idea that you’re embracing the cold – wish I could! please tell me your toptips for the ‘layering’ that everyone swears by, but that leaves me looking like a baglady……would so love Gap to do mini capsule wardobe items anyone else out there feeling this?!

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